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2010 September | Suwanee bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating

Suwanee bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating

Family Pest Control Services in Suwanee, GA

Responding with a smile!

A customer’s observation of their Bulwark tech.

We had our monthly service yesterday and had a list of all that needed to be looked at. James did it all with a great attitude and asked if there was more. He was polite and even spoke to my kids. Thanks for putting him on our route. Hopefully we will see him next month!‎

James checked all the customers needs and asked if there were any other concerns, making sure his customers dissatisfied. Doing it all with a smile. Thanks James!

Exterminating your pest concerns! Call Bulwark today.

97% Recommended, 100% Guaranteed.

2910 Buford Dr
Buford, GA 30519-5109
(770) 614-4407
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Suwanee, GA Bulwark Pest Control!

Read this Bulwark Pest Control review in Suwanee, GA!

We’ve been Bulwark customers for 3+ years and have always been impressed with the professionalism of all the reps. Henry was recently at our home and insisted on taking off his shoes before entering. We appreciate the fact that Henry, and other Bulwark reps, respect us and our home. Henry is a very personable individual, professional and did an excellent job.‎

Thank you for writing a Bulwark Pest Control Review and thank you Henry for being the amazing technician you are!

Bulwark Pest Control


Bulwark Pest Control
5180 Belle Wood Ct. Suite 400
Buford, GA 30518
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Bulwark Pest Control – Customer Report!

“The techs are always very nice.”

Gerald F.
Flowery Branch,GA

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Making a good impression

John and Shelly are impressed with their Bulwark service.

We’re a brand new Bulwark customer, and have had several different pest control companies over the years, both in Georgia and in Texas. We have NEVER had the service and the friendliness we received from Henry Lawrence today! We are impressed, Bulwark! John and Shelly Peed Suwanee, GA‎

Thank you John and Shelly. Giving great friendly service is what sets Henry and Bulwark a part from other pest control companies. Thank you Henry.

Bulwark exterminates your bugs with a smile! Call today.

97% Recommended, 100% Guaranteed.

2910 Buford Dr
Buford, GA 30519-5109
(770) 614-4407
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Bulwark Tech provides more then expected.

Customer telling of getting more service then expected.

I really feel like I have gotten a thorough treatment for all the types of bugs that are in/around our home. Luke was our technician this time and he recognized some signs of bugs that I didn’t even know were there. He was also able to treat our yard for fire ants. I didn’t know Bulwarks would treat anything in the yard area, I thought it was only around the house perimeter and inside. We have had good service from technicians before, but Luke was really on the ball this time and did a great job. Thanks, Luke‎

We appreciate the feedback of our customers. Its great to hear that our technicians, like Luke, are going beyond expectations for our customers.

Going above and beyond to exterminate your bugs? Call Bulwark!

97% Recommended, 100% Guaranteed.

2910 Buford Dr
Buford, GA 30519-5109
(770) 614-4407

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