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Exterminator | Suwanee bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating

Suwanee bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating

Family Pest Control Services in Suwanee, GA

How Are Roaches Getting Inside? Bulwark Exterminating Video

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Scariest Spiders This Halloween

Scariest Spiders

Scariest Spiders

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Customer Interview – Post Bulwark Exterminating Treatment

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Bulwark Exterminating makes PCT’s Top 100 List

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Scorpion Condos – Adam the Scorpion Guru – Video

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Anascorp Approved by FDA

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Scorpion Quick Facts – AC Duct

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Bulwark Exterminating Customer Review – Atlanta Ant Control

When my technician, James Nelms, arrived at my house for my monthly service, my two-year old son was asleep upstairs. James quickly offered to swing by again in an hour or so, after finishing the other homes in my area. I was so thankful for the offer. He returned a little more than an hour later, just as he promised and completed the service of our home. I have been a Bulwark customer for five years, and have always been pleased with their service. This seemed so far above good customer service, I felt the need to share. Thank you!


Thank you momof4 for the customer review and thank you James for being an excellent exterminator! We’re really proud of your work at Bulwark Exterminating!

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Bulwark Exterminating

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Bulwark Pest Control Customer Review

Henry Lawrence is TOP NOTCH – he’s not just professional and goes about his work with efficiency and an eye to detail, he’s just a NICE guy! We always enjoy seeing him, because he is personable, highly intelligent, and a joy to talk with. Keep him! In fact, you might want to use him to train your entire staff


Thank you John and Shelly for writing a Bulwark Pest Control customer review and thank you Henry for being an excellent exterminator!

Bulwark Exterminating

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Bulwark Exterminating Atlanta Ant Control Review

Today’s visit by Henry Lawrence was very professional. He was pleasant throughout his syay and was informative.He asked me very kindly about any problems I was experiencing with pests and eagerly responded that he would take care of it! I have requested that he would be my permanant technician! Great job Mr.Lawrence and Thank-you!


Thank you Brenda for writing a Bulwark Customer Review and thank you Henry for being very professional at being an exterminator.  Well done!

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Bulwark Exterminating

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